Forgive and Forget

Capture that forgiveness is not only an act performed by the MIND…but also by the HEART.

Understand that when you forgive from the mind, you make a deliberate decision to give up resentment and your claim to requital for the wrong deeds done against you, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT.  This is good; however, Jesus requires MORE!  Jesus requires you to also forgive FROM YOUR HEART.

(Matthew 18:35).

Blessed One, know that if you forgive from your mind, you will only be able to give up your resentment partially, because the rest of it will still be lodged in your heart.  However, if you also involve your heart during the process of forgiveness, you have the opportunity to experience a miracle.  If you invite Me, Jesus, into your heart to deal with the heartache caused by wrongful deeds committed against you, I will heal your heart.  In turn, not only will you be able to let go of your resentment, but the resentment will let go of you, too. Because the pain in your heart will be gone, you will be able to FORGET the wrongs committed against you.

(Galatians 5:1).

Know that forgiveness from your heart requires your heart to be involved…to be engaged…to participate.  To forgive from your heart I need you to FEEL the effects of the wrongful deeds committed against you—the rejection, the abandonment, the shame, and the condemnation. Then, submit your heart to Me, just the way it is, so I may set it free from the PAIN.

Only then you will be able to FORGIVE and FORGET.

Is there someone is your life whom you have forgiven from your MIND, but not from your HEART, yet?

I urge you to speak to God about this person and the pain she or he has caused in your heart. Submit each piece of heartache to God, along with the underlying feelings of abandonment, condemnation, rejection, and shame. Let the Lord Jesus mend your heart completely, even if it takes a long time. Then, you will finally be free to forget.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I invite Your Presence and Participation into my broken heart to deal with the heartache caused by wrongful deeds committed against me.  Lord Jesus, heal my heart, so I will be able to let go of my resentment, and the resentment will let go of me.  Then, I will be able to FORGIVE the wrongs done against me…and also FORGET, for it is for freedom that You have set me free.

Maintain an Awareness

Truth is not something logical we can produce from our own minds; instead, Truth is the supernatural reasoning of the Holy Spirit in our minds.

The Two Counsels

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