The author of these blessings live on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, in the summer, and in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, in the winter. The blessings on this site all come from her own heart–lessons she has learned in her own life. These lessons were learned during everyday experiences of abandonment, shame, rejection, and condemnation and work for anybody during everyday experiences of the same. All it takes is a tiny bit of Faith.

The author has learned that it is not the circumstances that influence a person from day to day, but one’s beliefs about these circumstances — negative,destructive beliefs that come from an enemy, the father-of-lies. In these blessings and through her two books, she shares her experiences — how she learned to become free from these beliefs through a new father–the Perfect Father. Through a relationship with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, she learned that all negative, destructive beliefs can be changed, or rather, EXCHANGED for HIS Life, Love, and Light. She is now working on her third and most important book, which will most likely be called THE TWO COUNSELS. The valuable lessons in this book will help readers understand her autobiography, DISCOVER HIS MAJESTY, and help them apply these lessons to their own lives.

May you experience Life, Love, and Light during your own circumstances when you apply the lessons of this site and books to your own life.