Meet Him in Your Heart

(John 14:6).

For a very long time during my life, I felt sad, bad, and mad, but I did not know why. Never before had I connected with my heart to find out what it believes and what it feels.

My life became increasingly miserable, even when circumstances were good.  I found myself always reacting to everything and everyone, and I came to the conclusion that I was not normal.  Everybody else seemed to have it together, why was I falling apart, daily?  After a lifetime of confusion and despair, I finally decided to connect with my heart.  What I found there was darkness…blackness…no light. In my heart, I discovered a Deserted ME, a Defiled ME, a Deprived ME, and a Defeated ME—the OLD MAN, shaped in me by the father-of-lies.

I needed LIGHT: a Way out of my conclusion that I did not belong…Truth for my perception that my heart was black…Life for my interpretation that I was a shameful being with no purpose.

At first, I tried turning the light on in my heart, all by myself.  I did this in any way I could muster up: by memorizing Scripture, by pretending that everything was OK, by keeping busy, or just sleeping it off.  I did all of this to force my heart to see things in a positive way.  It did not work. The Deserted ME, Defiled ME, Deprived ME, and Defeated ME remained.  And the dark perturbing perceptions prevailed.

Then I discovered the Truth, the Way, and the Life.  His name is Jesus Christ. His Counsel brought Light into my dark heart: Precious one, you need to know that you cannot have fellowship with the perturbing perceptions of the Deserted ME, Defiled ME, Deprived ME, and Defeated ME and have fellowship with Me, at the same time. You cannot heed the counsel of the father-of-lies and My Counsel, simultaneously. You cannot be a friend of the Light and be a friend of darkness, all at once. Darkness and Light do not mix. They are incompatible. You are either in the dark, or in the light. As soon as you turn on the light, the darkness flees, and as soon as you turn off the light, it is dark. My Light is turned on by the Truth, because whoever lives by the Truth, comes into the Light. If you are walking in darkness, you are not living by the Truth. If you are living by the Truth, you will not walk in darkness. It is as simple as that.

(John 3:21).

Have you connected with your own heart and discovered the Orphan ME, Bad ME, Victim ME, and Despicable ME that live there? Have you tried getting rid of them? Did it work? If not, are you willing to give the Lord Jesus a try? He can do things that you cannot do. His Truth will bring you into His Light.

PRAYER:  Lord Jesus, give me the courage to look into my own heart and find out why it feels so bad, mad, and sad. Then, come and meet me there with the Light of Your Truth.

Maintain an Awareness

We need to acknowledge that we cannot free our spirits, souls, and bodies from the entanglement of the OLD MAN’s rebellious will. But, with our free will, we can choose to go to the Person who can—the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to live HIS NEW MAN Life in us, in the place of the OLD MAN.

The Two Counsels

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