Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

(Deuteronomy 33:27).

I once had a dream where I was swimming in a tidal pool in the ocean.  At first, it was low tide and the water was very calm and smooth. But then the tide started coming in.  More and more water started spilling into the pool, causing the ripples in the water to become rough and turbulent.  I looked around me and started panicking, but suddenly I became aware of everlasting arms holding me.  It was Jesus!  He turned my face so I would look at Him and said, “When the water becomes rough and scary, only look at Me.  Do not pay attention to the raging waters.  Look, I am holding you.  You will not drown.”

Therefore, I would like to encourage you today:

When the waters in your life become uneven and bumpy, do not concern yourself with the ups and downs of life around you.  Instead, steadily fix your gaze on Jesus.  The instant you focus on Him, instead of the turbulent circumstances, hopelessness vanishes from sight.

When the waters you see around you are rough and turbulent, give no mind to the threatening conditions.  Instead, willfully keep in view the face of Jesus.  The moment you look toward Him, the oppressing darkness is swallowed up.

When the waters become tumultuous and violent around you, give no regard to the crisis.  Instead, intentionally rivet your eyes on Jesus. Rest in His arms. The minute you turn to Him, the intimidating fear evaporates.

Are the waters in your life rough and turbulent, right now?

May you choose to turn your eyes away from the happenings in your life, and steadily fix your eyes on God. Let Him speak to you. Let Him show you the way. Let Him comfort you. Do not place your confidence in your interpretations of your current circumstances, but in the character of the Most High. Do not rely on your own perception of the facts in your life.  Instead, choose to rely on the Truth, who is Jesus Christ. Allow Him to give you His Perspective. You will find all the Answers you need through your intimate relationship with God.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, be my Truth when everything seems truthless.  Be my Hope when everything seems hopeless.  Be my Power when I feel so powerless. Be my Savior.  Be my God.  Be my Light.

Most High, help me to see You in the midst of my threatening circumstances. Help me to hear You through the noise of the oppressing voices in my mind.  Let me feel Your Presence in my pain.

Maintain an Awareness

What a consolation to discover that God has never left us. He NEVER forsook us, even though we forsook HIM.

The Two Counsels

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